Gin Tasting in Vejle

Discover the World of Gin with Our Gin Tasting Experience

If you’re a gin lover or just curious to learn more about this classic spirit, our gin tasting experience is the perfect way to dive into the world of gin.

Our gin tasting includes six different gins, each accompanied by a matching tonic, giving you the opportunity to explore different flavor profiles and find your new favorite gin.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through each gin, sharing interesting and fun facts about its history, style, and unique qualities. You’ll learn about the different types of gin, including London Dry, Old Tom, and Sloe gin, and how each one is made.

In addition, our staff will explain our choice of tonic, and how it can bring out the best in each gin.

They’ll answer questions like, “What is the best way to taste gin?” and “What is the difference between gin and vodka?” You’ll also discover the answer to the age-old question, “Why is it called gin?”

How long is a tasting ?

Our gin tasting experience takes approximately two and a half hours, giving you plenty of time to savor each gin and enjoy the company of your fellow gin enthusiasts. You’ll leave our tasting with a newfound appreciation for gin and a wealth of knowledge about this versatile spirit.

Whether you’re a seasoned gin drinker or a curious newcomer, our gin tasting experience is the perfect way to discover the diverse world of gin. Join us for an evening of fun and education, and explore the fascinating history and complex flavors of this beloved spirit.

How much does it cost ?

Our gin tastings start at 249kr per person, group discounts are available at selected times of day.

We host our gin tastings at the bar in Vejle, from an intimate tasting for 2 to larger tastings with 30 or more guests. Our central location just a few minutes walk from the train & bus station means its easy to find us no matter where you are coming from.

How do i book a Gin Tasting ?

Simply use the form here, or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram.