are you interested in learning a little more about what you drink ? or do you fancy trying something new but don’t know what you would like ?

…well our tastings are a great place to start !

Craft Beer Tasting

Our craft beer tasting includes 8 different beers to try, mostly we use tap beers but occasionally will find some interesting bottles and cans to include.

This tasting starts at 199kr.

An introduction to…..

Our introduction tastings are just that, an introduction to both the product and to tastings in general, prices start at just 199kr and you can book for 1 or more people. We select the drinks that are included in these tastings and for the most part the brands and products remain the same.

These tastings are hosted by our regular bar staff and are group events open to everyone. These tastings generally last around 1.5-2 hours.

Choose between our introduction tastings to whisky or rum.

Gin & Tonic Tasting

For those of you who like your gins or if you just fancy trying something new why not try our G&T tasting. Unlike our other spirit tastings, we don’t serve gin ‘neat’, each one is served with a selected tonic, lots of ice and a garnish.

We tend to find that most groups take a little over 2 hours for this tasting which includes 6 different drinks.


You can both purchase and book our basic tastings online through our contact form – if you would like a gift voucher for someone, we got that covered too !

If you would like a private tasting, or have a large group, polterabend, company or personale event please contact us for prices & booking.

Private Tastings

For those of you who are familiar to tastings and are looking for something a little more special, we also offer private tastings, both in the bars or at your workplace or event location.

These events are hosted by our more experienced staff and friends depending upon the level and number of drinks included, prices start at around 299kr.