Beer Tasting

Would you like to know more about beers ? Try different beer styles ?

We will guide you through eight different beers – from pilsner/lager to stout.

Our tastings are light and fun, we will tell you about the beer style, about the brewery, and of course there are always lots of great stories and anecdotes to keep you entertained. We encourage questions, so feel free to ask, our staff are knowledgeable and in the event they don’t have an answer to hand, they will quickly find out for you…

Our beer tastings take around 90 minutes, for larger groups allow for 2 hours.

So whether its an intimate date night tasting for two, a meetup of friends, polter̴bend/stag party or a company event we have you covered Рand having delivered literally thousands of tastings over the last 10 years in Aarhus and Vejle you know you are in good hands.

The prices for beer tastings cost between 249kr – 299kr per person depending on the time of day and the number of people.