julebryg / Christmas beers

Each year on the Thursday before ‘j-dag’ we celebrate the Danish beer enthusiasts promotion of great Christmas beers from breweries who are not mainstream..

This year as we are only just opening, we will be celebrating our official opening on OJ-dag with a visit from Marton from Mad Scientist..

…but do not fear, we have lots of christmas beers on there way – so whilst the less demanding beer drinkers will be enjoying those first drops of snow we will be filling your glasses with some great Christmas beers from around the globe…

Follow this link to see our Christmas beer selection on UNTAPPD:

There is more coming – we have a new Christmas IPA on the way from Ebeltoft Gaardbryggeri and a few more kegs / bottles for you to try…


thank you !

a big thanks to everyone who came down to the bar over the last couple of days, we know everything wasn’t quite finished, but we felt it important to keep to our plans for opening…

Over the next few days we will receive the last parts needed to complete our beer installation and get all our taps working as well as having time for us to finish off a few other projects around the bar.

See you for the grand opening on Thursday 31. October when Marton from Mad Scientist will be joining us …


the white hag

Thursday, 21 November from kl. 18

Bob Coggins from The White Hag brewery in Ireland will be dropping by with a few of their great irish craft beers and lots of entertaining stories.


øj-dag & grand opening

Thursday, 31. October from kl. 16

every year on the thursday before j-dag beer enthusiasts across denmark celebrate the release of many different christmas beers released by the craft breweries across denmark, and the world.

from more traditional christmas ales to christmas ipa’s – this is a world away from the more common christmas beers you generally find being released on j-dag.

so, if you would like to try something different this 31. oktober, join us at the cat and barrel, there will be a number of both tap & bottled christmas beers to try.

we will also be joined by Marton from Mad Scientist brewery in hungary and Niels from Flaneur Liquids…


hello vejle !

We hear that you are ready to take a journey into the world of craft beers – we will be bringing you 20 taps of great beers, from breweries local and far.

Each week you will find new beers on tap, whilst some of our beers are fairly permenant fixtures, others will come and go very quickly…

As well as plenty of beers on tap, we will have a good range of bottled beers, whisk(e)y, bourbon, rum, gin and more. We also stock both Alcohol Free and Gluten Free beers.

There will be plenty of oppertunity to join us for tastings, for tap take overs and for events with the people behind the beers – brewers, ambassadors, importers and enthusiasts.

We are hoping everything will be ready for friday, 25th october – but we still have a couple of challenges ahead !

In the meantime, join us on facebook, and be the first to know when we have more news !